We transform workplaces worldwide

Reconfigure your workplace to support a diverse, flexible, and tech-enabled workforce. We help you create a digitally transformed, people centric future for your whole organization.

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Delight your employees

Today’s most successful workplaces understand employees and always lead with the heart. We show you how to create the frictionless work and meeting experiences they need and love.

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Optimizing your use of space

Great space management saves costs, reduces carbon emissions and contributes to your ESG goals. We show you how to achieve it.

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Customer Reviews

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Our global expertise and customer support make Rendezvous, our workplace management platform, an international favorite.

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We are NFS Technology, leaders in workplace management and hospitality solutions

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Make the workplace magical - integrated, frictionless and technology savvy

  • Desk and meeting space booking
    Desk and meeting
    space booking
  • Mobile Apps
    Mobile Apps
  • Conference scheduling
    Conference scheduling
  • Sensors
  • Digital Signage
    Digital Signage
  • Colleague location
    Colleague location
  • Visitor management
    Visitor management
  • Wayfinding
  • And many more
    And many more
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